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WBD & mouse

3 March 2006

Happy World Book Day!

This was absolutely my definition of a good day. For a start I slept okay last night, and didnít have to get up before seven (as has been my wearisome habit in recent days). Then I spent the morning at the desk, working & doing admin stuff and such. Lunchtime I went to North Shields, for a WBD gig at the library with m'friend'n'colleague Carol Clewlow. Weíve spent years working on the MA at Northumbria together, but never actually done a gig before, and it worked really well: enough consonance and enough disagreement to make an interesting conversation. Booked for an hour, went on for ninety minutes and the audience stayed with us: good gig.

Thence to a cafe on the beach with Jean & Roger, to stare out through glass at idiot surfers in wild waves and bitter weather; and so home, to write another couple of pages before calling it a night. Twelve hundred words and a gig: would that every day was so productive.

Oh, and I have a mouse. It seems to be living under my cooker, and I suspect it of being an escaped pet - very likely from the students next door - as itís black & white, bold, and quite cute. I think it's exploiting my sudden catlessness, which is impertinent (not that Mishie would have perpetrated violence at all - too old, too stiff, sand-blind and sleepy), but I can't even think of killing it. On the other hand, if I catch it in a livetrap, what do I do with it? Leave it on next door's step with a little note, Please Look After This Mouse...?

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