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13 October 2005

Okay, look. I know about hubris, all right? I understand the concept, and its applications. Which is why, when I spoke of finishing a book in three months, I was joking...

Some things are just pure over-reaction. Like yesterday, when the Arts Council deliberately conspired to stop me working, with a last-minute invitation to a party that I dared not refuse; like four oíclock this morning, when my Misha-cat suddenly couldnít stand up, on account of another mega-infection in her ear; like right now, when Iíve taken her to hospital and was thinking I could spend the morning chained to my keyboard before I phone at lunchtime to find out how she is, and I find that I canít, because Iíve made arrangements to meet people in town.

I get the message, okay? No more jokes, no more expectations. Just leave me alone, o ye gods...

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