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New book

11 October 2005

There comes a time when you have to stop shilly-shallying around, and buckle down. A time to stop shopping; a time not to cook any more; a time - shock, horror - not even to clean the house.

Say it straight, sometimes you do just have to start the new book.

Actually, I like beginnings. First footsteps on journeys new-begun, all of that sentimental stuff, I love it, despite all the hesitations beforehand. Going from nothing to something, the plunge taken, full immersion guaranteed: once you step off the edge, there's nowhere to go but in.

So - at my editor's quite urgent request - I have begun vol two of Selling Water, which vol is now called River of the World (to go with Bridge of Dreams, vol one: do you see how I did that? Bridge, river; dreams, the world. Itís an exercise in contrasts).

And I wrote six pages today, which at that rate I could have it finished inside three months. Yeah, right...

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