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Pineapple fish

20 April 2004

Whats the difference between a fish and a pineapple? The terrible truth is, I do not know. I have a cream china dish that must be meant for a mould, because it has scalloped sides and a design cut deep into the bottom, that would obviously stand out proud from the mousse or blancmange or whatever when it was turned out. I took the dish out this morning (in order to put chocolate coffee beans in it, if you must know, for my desk; those of us who no longer smoke, we need some kind of treats to keep us working) and glancing inside I thought, I wonder what this is really meant for, what dish do people make thats moulded and flavoured with pineapple? - and then, because Ive owned this dish for years and never had that thought before, I looked again and remembered that Id always previously thought the design was a fish and the dish was meant for fishy mousses and pts. Look, its not very clear, okay? But its deeply rounded and clearly scaly, and at one end it branches out into a sort of fan; and that could be the tail and scales of a fish, and todays revelation is that it could equally well be the leaves and scales of a pineapple. If there is a pineapple fish, I want to hear of it now, today...

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