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16 January 2004

I didnít go to the cinema today, and I want full credit for my abstinence. The invitation was there, the film was attractive - Lost in Translation, Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson (whom we saw in Girl with a Pearl Earring a few days back, and thought really rather good) - and no doubt there would have been dinner and drinking and happy talking after. And look, here I am, a stay-at-home. No, no, I cried, I'm working...

And I am, I truly am, it wasn't an excuse. I seem to be working on three or four different things at once, which is frustrating - proposals and submissions and unpaid articles, not to mention the bloody university - but at least I keep coming back to the novel, that's the focus that everything else spins around. I can be spun off, but not (at the moment) for long. Which is not to say that I think I'm doing particularly well with the novel, it's in one of those phases where I keep thinking 'Christ, this should have been over in five pages, and it's taken twenty-five' - but at least it's in progress, I'm engaged and enjoying it. Always a good sign, when I'm turning down treats to stay home and work.

Got to go now, no time for logorrhoea in the weblog. To the book, to the book; we shall be brought to book. Book early, book often... (Exit, pursued by a bear with a sore head)

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