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Shelter: the UK edition

In a wooded winter valley, shadows gather...

Rowan Coffey is nineteen when he leaves university, a bright-burning boy come home to hide after the cruel, casual murder of a friend. Rowan had no alibi; exhausted after weeks of being under suspicion, he's looking for shelter, what's warm, familiar and safe.

But what he finds is chill. And danger. And death...

"...a fascinating story, growing out of--when it isn't playing against--that resonant landscape and leaving us to shiver with ever-deepening chills."

Charles de Lint, SFSite

"Beautifully told, this ia a deceptive gem of a novel, mysterious, atmospheric and charged with threat."

Val McDermid

"An exceptional, strange and affecting psychological thriller... mesmerizing, lyrical and hypnotic, with a stunning climax."

The Bookseller

"Brenchley grabs you by the are sucked into the claustrophobic chills of the spiralling plot... beautifully crafted"

Peterborough Evening Telegraph

"A powerful writer who deserves to be much better known"

Inverness Courier

Order Shelter from Amazon in paperback or in the hardback edition.

Wer Zuflucht sucht - the German edition of Shelter

Shelter was published in a German translation by Christine Gaspard as Wer Zuflucht sucht (Seeking Shelter), in July 2003; it is available from Read a review of Wer Zuflucht Sucht (auf Deutsch!).

It was published in the US by Bloody Brits, an imprint of Bywater Press, specialising in introducing the best of British crime fiction across the Atlantic. Copies are still available via

Shelter was shortlisted for the British Fantasy Society's August Derleth Award for the best novel of 1999.

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