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Chaz Brenchley: Mars Imperial

Three Twins at the Crater School

English girls' boarding-school stories. On Mars.

Chaz explains:

My original elevator-pitch for this was "The Chalet School! On Mars!" - but of course it's not actually the Chalet School, and not actual Mars. This is Old Mars, with canals and an atmosphere and Martians and everything; and I've been writing stories about it for a couple of years now. The Burial of Sir John Mawe at Cassini appeared in Subterranean, and was reprinted in Gardner Dozois' Year's Best SF 2015; The Astrakhan, the Homburg and the Red Red Coal appeared in Lightspeed. (Oscar Wilde on Mars!)

But if Mars were a province of the British Empire, it would totally need boarding schools for girls; and I have a lifelong passion for the Chalet School series by Elinor M Brent-Dyer. I am entirely convinced that a sister foundation would have opened - on the rim of a crater lake, so of course known as the Crater School - on the same model, taking girls from all over the colony, from the great cities of Marsport and New Victoria and Cassini to the pioneer farms on the frontier. There will be mischief-making, fire and flood, alarms and excursions, encounters with aliens and more. Sickly parents in the sanatorium across the lake. Old girls marrying doctors. Picnics and midnight feasts, secret tunnels and great revelations. I don't suppose it'll run to sixty books like the original, but I guarantee fun along the way, for as long as we can keep this going.

You can read the first two chapters of the first book, Three Twins at the Crater School, for free right here. The rest of the book I plan to write as a serial, making a couple of chapters a month available to subscribers before pulling it all together and publishing it in both e-book and hard copy formats at the end of the first year. And then doing it all again with a second book, if people want that.

Will you sign up for the first term?

Three Twins at the Crater School: Chapter 1  |  Chapter 2

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