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First choose your postcard...

Start by deciding which card you want to send. To see a full-sized image of any card, just click on the thumbnail. When you have chosen your picture, use the "radio button" selector, by clicking in the circle below your chosen card.

Shadows in Another Light The Red House in summer Saxon church of St. Peter, Monkwearmouth ...still drawing water from the world#s well

A window in the wall... Woodcarving by St. Peter's Riverside In the kitchen of the Red House

There is another set of cards to choose from here.

Next, address your card...

Fill in your name, and the name of the person to whom you are sending the card, as you want them to appear; and please check that both e-mail addresses are correct.

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Choose the colours of your "paper" and "ink"...

Use the two pulldown menus below to select your text and background colours:

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At last - it's time to write your card!

Please write your message in the box below. There is a space where you can specify a heading, which will appear in bold print, but this is optional.

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Don't forget to sign your card...

Use the box below to specify how you would like your signature to appear on your card: remember, you have already put your name on the card when you addressed it, so you don't have to use your full name here unless you want to!

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One last check:

You are now ready to preview your card: To do so, just click on the "PREVIEW" button below. If you want to clear the form and start again, click on "START AGAIN" instead. Your card will not be sent until you press the "SEND CARD" button on the preview screen.

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