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Bank holidays, and shifting to LJ

1 May 2006

Traditions observed, this Bank Holiday weekend:

1) A dead mouse on the rug, a self-satisfed cat sharpening claws and carving his first notch on the table-leg. Alas, I don't believe him for a minute, unless he actually scared the poor wee thing to death; there wasn't a mark on the body, and when Barry plays, he leaves scars. Also stains. Believe me, I know.

2) A visit to a garden centre. Yesterday being Sunday, I worked in the morning and then allowed friends to induce me out. Besides, I have withdrawal symptoms. I didn't plant new chilli seeds on Feb 1st because I was still hoping to bring last year's crop through the winter; since then, Barry and greenfly between them have wreaked havoc, and I have nothing worth the keeping. I was vaguely hopeful of finding chilli plants for sale, but there were none; so I bought some seeds instead, and spent some of the evening in front of the TV happily planting up. It's three months late, but we may squeeze a crop in before winter. The rest of the evening, I just watched TV and drank wine. It's a boy thing, a bank holiday thing, I dunno. Lassitude descends, and I can't even be bothered to explain it.

3) This morning, being yer actual bank holiday, I thought I'd follow through on yesterday's good work and go to a DIY store, like every other right-thinking male will. Did some work first, because I am the epitome of virtue, then hiked off. It's, I don't know, a mile and a half, perhaps? Not more than two miles, anyway. And I got there, and found it had become a carpeting warehouse behind my back. Snarl. Walked home again, and have done nothing useful since. Still following the tradition, see. Bank holidays are for wasting.

Fair warning: I am paused on the blink of transferring my allegiance to LiveJournal. Apparently there are complicated ways one can syndicate this to that, but it just seems so much easier to start a new journal at LJ. My current plan is to duplicate entries for a while, there and here, see how that goes. The advantage of there, obviously, is that people can comment. G'wan, y-all know that you want to...

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