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Eggs & apple

23 March 2006

Hah. That'll teach me to worry aloud about my cat getting fat. Yesterday, today, he's back to his old not-eating trick. So I am back to worry and bewilderment, because I really do not know what to do. He seems perfectly well and happy, so I'íll let it ride for a day or two yet, but then I suppose it's the old trek back to the vet again.

I meanwhile am neither well nor happy, but at least I am eating. I invented a new thing yesterday, a taste-combination that made me very proud: eggs & apples. All right, it probably has been done before: certainly as a dessert, but as a savoury? I don't know; I haven't met it myself. And the thing was, I came home with a black pudding, and found I had some apples, which is an old favourite combination; it was the work of moments to figure out what to do. Peel, dice and fry the apple in butter till tender & lightly caramelised but still holding together, chunks is the plan, not purée; then break in a couple of eggs and scramble quickly and loosely in the hot pan, with a scatter of salt and pepper. Eat with fried slices of a good black pudding, and Robert is your mother's brother.

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