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16 February 2006

My Misha-cat is in hospital again, sheís really ill, and this time the vet is not optimistic; sheís got no better after twenty-four hours on a drip, and if she doesnít improve by tomorrow, then all the subtexts suggest that she isnít coming home.

I donít know what to do with myself. Cleaning, tidying, that sort of thing, I suppose; itís times like these that I regret there is no manual element to being a novelist, because I need physical occupation that demands no mental engagement whatsoever.

And I have to go out tonight and be jolly and supportive and professional all three, at mífriend Valís book launch. Sheíll make it easy, she always does; but even so, Iíd rather it was any other night than this.

Unless Misha gets better through the afternoon, of course. Itís always possible.

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