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Back at work

31 January 2006

Ah, days like these - you've gotta love 'em. Friends for dinner yesterday, so I woke into chaos (those of you who don't know my house or my lovable lifestyle will just have to take my word for this, but the detritus covered every surface in the kitchen, including the floor; I did leave a pathway for Misha to get from bedbox to supper bowl to kittylitter, but it was a narrow one). I never do mind this, though, because it lays out an entirely legitimate shape to the day, which we call Cleaning Up and involves serious sessions at the kitchen sink, with music playing, interspersed by sessions of other stuff while that load drains & dries. Today the Other Stuff included reading, which is always welcome; but this being Monday, and all the displacement makework having been (temporarily) finished or shelves or otherwise got out of the way, I could finally get back to my real work, my novel. First time in three weeks - yikes!

So I went into town to do some necessary posting and delivering applications and such, and shopped a bit, and came home and did some more washing-up, and had lunch, and then I phoned the bad double glazing people about the lousy job they did in ill-fitting my windows (and I've been putting that off for a month, which only goes to show how eager I was to get back to my novel) - and they said that someone would phone me back, so then I couldn't go out again, and I'd pretty much finished the washing-up, and...

And to cut a long story short, I did start work on the novel, and wrote another fifteen hundred words. Eventually. It's taken most of the day, including a late-night session to finish off; but all of that is good, that's fine, and when it's lined up with everything else I've done today - well, you've just got to love it, really. Busy and fruitful and pleasurable and all good things. There should be more such days; perhaps there will be. Who can tell?

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