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12/18/2005 Entry: "Publishing"

Ooh, long time. Apologies; too much stuff going on. And yes, I am aware that the purpose of this journal is to record stuff as it happens, but Iíve apologised already, so that's that.

Retrospectively, what out of all that stuff is worth recording? Lots, no doubt, but I donít remember it. What I remember is this: I have become a publisher. Well, a co-publisher at the moment, but I yearn for more.

All publishers are toads, but some are nematodes. That is an article of faith with me, I've been saying it (rather wittily, I thought) for years, and I am not going to resile from it now. Croak, croak.

But the point is, the book-and-CD of last yearís Phantoms at the Phil gig is now out, available, published; and I love it. It's a co-publication, as I say, between mífriend John of Side Real Press and myself as Northern Gothic. What this means is that I raised the cash (thank you, Arts Council) and organised the writers, while John did all the designing and dealing with printers and the technical publishing stuff that I do not - yet - know about.

The result of all this happy cooperation is a hardbound limited-edition book of 92 pages, including an introductory essay by Ramsey Campbell and stories by Sean OíBrien, Gail-Nina Anderson and myself, coupled with a CD recording of the event last year where we read the stories live to an overflowing audience. All this for ten quid; how can you resist? E-mail to secure your copy, quick, before they all sell out...

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