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3 August 2005

Well, lawksamussy. Chazzie won a prize.

It is, I think, the second prize of my giddy career. The first was an answering machine, that I won in a Mills & Boon short-short romance competition. I didnít get the overall prize, which was a holiday for two in Jamaica, but the ansafone was probably more useful. I used it for a decade, and then handed it on in full working order when I replaced it with a hi-tech digital affair. Which was crap. Learn from this, Brenchley... (tho' I never have)

Anyway, this time I wrote a fifty-word review of a N'cle restaurant, for a readers' column in a foodie magazine. Why did I do this? For the fun of it; because I have always wanted to be a restaurant reviewer (free food, free wine, and a platform: who wouldn't?); because the prize was a goody bag from Bombay Sapphire, who make my favourite drinkin' gin. (Is there another kind, you ask? Well, yes, actually there is. Like most spirits, gin divides into everyday drinkin' varieties and specialist sippin' varieties. Oh, and never-let-this-stuff-pass-my-lips-again undrinkable crap varieties, of course. But Bombay Sapphire is a goodie.)

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