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31 July 2005

Ooh, look, a whole new way to spell me. Iím reading at a new gig, the Queerbeats festival here in Newcastle: the important date to note is Friday 12th August, at Egypt Cottage [which is tragically nothing more exotic than a pub, but Iíd love to know where the name came from]. Me and eight other people, "stories, poems, songs and visual sensory pleasures", it says here, and no, I donít know what that means either. Whatever it is, at least I can deny responsibility, even for my own part in the evening; Iím listed here as "Chaz Brenchoey". Which is, as I say, new to me, after a long triple lifetime of high originality; my father and grandfather also reported many adventures in the orthography of their name, but never quite this. Iím fairly sure it's my own fault, I probably sounded like that down the phone. I hate phones. But apparently I was down on the first-run flyer as Chaz Davis, so Brenchoey is at least an improvement...

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