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Peter Sarah evening

26 June 2005

One of the things I love about living up here, itís eleven oíclock and the sunís only just got around to setting. Itíll be back by three. Party animal, it never can sleep in the summer.

And how is it that I saw the sunset tonight, me whoís been so sick so long and should have been abed? ĎCos I was out, thatís how, and walking home. Two whole days without regurgitation, and today I have actually been taking solids: toast and honey, specifically. Canít work out whether this is a convalescent or an adolescent diet, but I think the two are pretty much the same thing anyway (I seem to have spent the bulk of my teenage in recovery, mostly from being a teenager), and certainly both take their inspiration from the nursery. Besides which, I like toast, and I like good honey.

So, with all that energy & fibre inside me and seeming to plan on staying there, I did venture forth tonight to Peter Sarahís memorial concert at the Theatre Royal. Something of a mixed bag, inevitably, Scenes from the Shows and youíre never going to be excited by all of them; but the Northern Sinfonia gave us a lovely Brandenburg 3 (with a link: Bradley the first violinist was also playing at Joeís celebration last week, which only really underscored how many people the arts community in Newcastle has lost this year. Peter, Julia, Joe, Keith - itís enough, already...), we had a fabulous pas de deux from the Rambert and Barrie Rutter was as witty, as charming, as loud as always. And I made it there, I made it through and I made it home; which is good news, because itís Keithís funeral tomorrow and I wasnít going to miss that anyway, but Iíll be glad not to be playing invalid or spewing all over the Assembly Rooms floor. Attention-seeking behaviour, we really donít need it.

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