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Throwing up

24 June 2005

Good grief. Who would have thought the old man to have had so much matter in him? If Iíd wanted to lose weight, Iíd have gone on a diet, or exercised, or whatever the latest fad is. I like fads. But I would never have picked purgation.

Still. If youíre going to throw up anyway, doing it in bed only makes you feel worse. I am discovering a whole new spectrum of ways and means of throwing up: at the computer, checking e-mails or writing weblogs (yesterday, one sentence; today, ooh, paragraphs. Though they are taking their time, and hiding hiatuses. Hiati. Whatever); in the front room, watching - God help me! - Wimbledon (tennis is not a sport, itís an exercise regime. Biff-boff, hurrah, boff-biff. Itís like watching unattractive people in a gym); in the back yard, in the sunshine. Today I was adventurous past measure, and walked down the road in the rain, all the way to the cemetery. Somebodyís tidied up Joeís grave, and taken away all the flowers. To be sure, there is no merit in dead flowers, but it seems a little ruthless. I threw up on the way home, but I can hardly claim that to be a comment, in the circumstances.

Iím sorry, this is just so much more information than you need. Thatís the peril of weblogs, you see: unpoliced, at either end. Just ask the archbishop.

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