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28 February 2005

I know, Iíve been a bit quiet for a few days here. There is good reason for this. Iíve been very busy: reading, cooking, planting chillies, shopping, going to the cinema, going to the theatre, going out with friends, cleaning the house, tidying up the paperwork... Is anything starting to ring a little warning-bell here? Anyone who knows me will look at that list and understand it instantly, they wonít even need to look for whatís missing.

I confess, I have not been doing a lot of work. This is of course the time when I need to work hardest, when a manuscript is long past its expected delivery date and I have nothing but debt in the bank; but my US editor has given me a generous extension for the rewrite, I donít actually have to deliver it till June, and Iím so uncomfortable with it, so distrustful of what Iím doing, I can hardly bear to work on it at all. So I keep finding other things to do. Just not this, because I dislike making public confession of my troubles.

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