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19 March 2003

...So I ordered the dried chillies on the Wednesday evening, and they came by Friday lunchtime; so I've spent some time playing. Made a base (beef, black beans, onions, garlic and a tin of tomatoes, not much more than that) and have been adding three habaneros a day, to find out where my limits are. Haven't reached 'em yet, not by a distance. Today I put in a chipotle also, for that smoky flavour.

Not that I've been getting much time or opportunity for eating: Friday night was party night, where I got rambunctiously drunken; Saturday the same people hauled me out for dinner up the road, at our favourite Indian (this is no bad place to live: best take-away in the city on one corner, best eatery in the city on another - why do I bother to cook? Because I have the best Asian foodstore in the country, just a fraction closer than either) and Monday I was at the university all day and all evening (they pay me for four hours a week and I reckon I did an eight-hour day, not counting walking-time) and we went straight to the pub after because we deserved it, and I didn't get to eat at all, except in so far as alcohol is food.

And today, inter a lot of alia, I have figured out how to make my zip drive work under Linux. It's only been sitting there entirely redundant for two years, because I didn't understand the system. Time well spent, I call it...

But what I really went online to say tonight is that Northern Gothic does not support this war, at all, in any way. It strikes me as quite likely that I may never vote Labour again, which is a truly weird feeling.

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