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1 December 2002

Displacement strategies for the reluctant writer, vol 17, chapter 7: Sunday specials

1.Clean the kitchen sink. Scrupulously.
2.Tend, trim, tidy, turn & talk to all the plants in the bathroom. Clean their window, clean their window-sill.
3.Go to B&Q (uh, that's a DIY/hardware store) and play with the power tools. Imagine all the things you could do to the house if you only had the time, the money and the skills required.
4.Fix up a bar next to the cooker where you can hang all your tongs, sieves etc, where they'll be dead handy honest, rather than having to walk the whole length of the kitchen to fetch them.
5.If you really can't avoid the computer any longer, get deeply involved in the intricacies of your new word-processing software. Learn how to create new style sheets; who knows, one day you might actually want to use them.
6.Finally, when all else has entirely failed, write a new entry for your weblog.

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